Termite treatment prices will depend on what species of termites you have and where they are located. Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong will have a solution to any termite problem. We even understand that sometimes budgets are tight and can offer some suitable options. Treatment costs start from $500, and are explained below.

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The most destructive pest that everyone fears are termites. Just mentioning their name in a sentence is enough to grab your attention.

Everyone has heard the stories about homes being destroyed by these destructive pests.

You will see the news reporting on them pests every few months, with heart-wrenching stories from homeowners. Their dreams and aspirations are dashed overnight when termites are found eating away at their homes.

If you do happen to discover termites in your home, please do not disturb them, but call us immediately.

Termite treatment prices will be dictated by species

The first step in working out what a termite treatment will cost, is working out what species you have. There are over 300 different species of termite in Australia with a wide range of feeding habits.

Heterotermes are a slow feeding termite, with a small colony. For these termites, the cost can be as be as little as $500 as the treatment will be relatively simple.

In these situations, a termite dust is applied to the workings and the termites do the work for us. They simply track the dust back to the colony.

On the other hand, if you have Coptotermes the treatment cost will be a lot higher.

Termite inspection

Colony elimination can be done four different ways

There are four main ways we can eliminate a termite colony. Obviously which one can be applied to your colony will depend on what species you have.

Dusting or foaming of a colony is the first and second way. As the name suggests it requires the tech to apply a foam or dust to the termite workings. Within a couple of weeks, the activity level is then checked. You can expect to pay $500 or more for this type of treatment.

Baiting termites is the third and most effective way. In this situation a food source is provided to the termites. They consume this food and take it back to the nest. Unfortunately for the termites the food contains a growth regulator.

This growth regulator interferes in their moulting process. As they are not able to moult, within weeks the hole colony will die.

The reason this is the most efficient way of dealing with termites, is that it ensures we kill the nest. As we must visit the site several times during treatment the cost of this treatment starts at $900.

To get an accurate free quote, please call us, and we will put you in touch with your local business owner.

The final way we can terminate termites is to inject the nest. This style of treatment will rely on our technician being able to locate the nest.

Preventative measure costs

Preventative measures will need to be put in place once the termites have been eliminated. There are two different styles on measures that can be used. The first option involves soaking the soil with chemicals to create a barrier zone.

It is quite an involved process and can take days to complete. The limitations of this treatment are that if the barrier zone is breach or disturbed, it will render the treatment ineffective.

The second option is to install a termite monitoring and detection system. This involves installing monitoring stations in the ground that will detect termite movements. They need to be checked on a regular basis for activity and once activity is detected a bait is applied.

Depending on the product used, warranties can be offered up to $250,000 against future attacks (conditions apply).

Preventative measure costs start at $3,000. The true cost will always depend on the site and the size of the structure being protected.


Short costs FAQs

How much does it cost to treat a house for termites?

The cost to treat a house for termites will vary from $500 to $1200 depending on the extent of the colony. The termite species you have will also affect the price.

How much does liquid termite treatment cost?

To put a liquid termite treatment around and under a building can cost as little as $2800. This would be for a small, easy access home. Obviously the larger the home, the more area will need to be treated and the cost will be higher.

How much do exterminators usually cost?

To get an exterminator to treat your termites can cost from $400-$500 up to several thousand dollars, depending on what needs to be done. You should obtain a written quote before engaging the services of a licensed exterminator. It is also a good practice to ask to see a copy of their license, and if they do not produce one, simply do not use them.

Is it worth paying for pest control?

Yes, it is definitely worth paying for pest control by a licensed pest technician. As they are dealing with termites and pests on a daily basis, they will be able to get any pest under control quickly. They will know what the best products to use to deal with your pests as well.