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West Wollongong is a great suburb to live in. It is very close the main Wollongong shopping district and it’s surprising how many top-quality restaurant are in the area.

Due to the considerable number of eateries in the area, waste and the associated pest problems can be an issue for locals. Spilt food is quickly swooped on by pigeons from the nearby apartments.

After dark is when the real pests come out with rats and cockroaches swarming the area looking for food. It can be quite a shock when locals find out how many pests are hiding there.

Jim’s Pest Control West Wollongong targeting rats and roaches

Jim’s help local people to own and operate their own local business. We know that a local is likely to know where pests are likely to be.

Knowing when and where pests are likely to enter our homes or businesses places our techs at a distinct advantage.

Our local techs have the knowledge that cockroaches are a major problem in restaurants and units in the area. They have spent a large amount of time in developing some of the best techniques to deal with these pests. It is why the community now trusts Jim’s to deal with any roach problems.

Did you know that Rats and mice relish the opportunity to eat cockroaches?

Yes, that is correct, when you have a large population of roaches you are highly likely to have rats. The great news is that our local technicians can help and offer free quotes.

Invasive species around the Gong

I’m sure you have all seen the signs, warning of deer in the area. This is an introduced species to Australia and is not native. You have to drive with caution when in the area, especially in dark or first thing in the morning.

They hide in wooded areas along with a wide range of other pests. Ants, termites, and spiders call this area home as well.

When the population breeds up in significant numbers, the overflow tends to move into homes and businesses close by. This is most prevalent in the warmer weather.

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control West Wollongong is called in these situations. Locals that have used us before know that we will not rest until the pest is gone or at a minimum, well under control.

It is why locals now call Jim’s for all their pest control needs.

Meet your local business owner

Sal has been working in the pest control industry for several years. He is very experienced in dealing with all types of pests we see in the area.

Delivering outstanding results for his client is what Sal is best known for. He is noticeably clear on what his customers can expect from his treatments and often will go beyond what is required.

It is why he is now the go-to expert when it comes to pest control in Wollongong.

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