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Termite Control Wollongong locals can trust

The sheer mention of termites in a sentence is enough to panic most people. It is well documented about how destructive these pests are.

Everyone has heard stories of homes that have been consumed by termites. It causes stress and anxiety amongst homeowners who have been unfortunate enough to be affected.

Termites are quite secretive and travel underground, building tunnels to enable them to move about freely undetected.

Wollongong residents will often only discover them once they break through a wall. However, by then it is often too late and severe damage has already been caused to the building.

Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong is getting more requests everyday for preventative measures to stop this from happening.

Termite control Wollongong and Illawarra

The process starts with identifying the species

In Australia there are over 300 different species of termites. Grasses and decaying vegetation are the food source for most termites, and there are only a handful of species that prefer to devour homes.

At Jim’s Pest Control we spend an extensive amount of time identifying termites. Our techs are regularly tested on species and, on odd occasions, we have been known to throw rare termites in for identification by our techs.

To be able to put in place a successful treatment plan, the species must be identified. Like us, each species has different feeding patterns and behaviours.

Short termite FAQs

Do termite baiting systems really work?

Termite baiting systems are one of the best ways to detect and eliminate termites. When selecting a system, you want to choose the best, one that is a proven performer. A few good systems will even offer timber replacement warranties as the manufacturers at that confident in their products.

How much is pest control for termites?

The cost of pest control for termites will depend on the species you have. If you have a minor species, the costs can be quite low. If you have a major, destructive species the costs will be much higher. You can expect to pay between $400-$1200 to treat termites. Preventative measures will be an additional cost.

Is termite damage covered by house insurance?

Termites are estimated to cause billions of dollars of damage to buildings in Australia annually. One in every 3 homes will have some sort of termite damage in it. For this reason, insurance companies will not insure against termites or termite damage.

What is the best termite prevention system?

The best termite prevention system is to have an annual visual termite inspection. This way you will be made aware of any termites or conducive conditions that will attract termites. After that you should also consider the installation of a termite detection system, which will involve regular system checks.

Eradication of the termite colony

Once our techs have successfully identified the termites you have, they will discuss the treatment options available. If you are lucky, you might have a minor species like Heterotermes which can have a simple dust applied to their workings.

If you have a Coptotermes species though, the news is not so good. A termite treatment of this species will need to be extensive as the termite population could number in the millions.

Typically, with this species a baiting program will need to occur. This will require several visits until the activity ceases.

You can expect the cost of a termite treatment to range between $400 to $1200, depending on what needs to be done. This treatment will only eliminate the current colony and to fully protect the home against future termite attack, preventative measures need to be put in place.

Termite preventative measures

The final part of any successful termite treatment is to put in place a barrier or early detection system. It is common for homes that have been attacked by termites to be re infested within 3 years if nothing is put in place.

In Wollongong, Jim’s Pest Control has a wide range of products available to meet anyone’s budget. Once our tech has assessed your property and the termite activity, they will give you several options on what can be done.

They will discuss with you the pros and cons of each option. As you are the homeowner, it is important to us that you fully understand the treatment process. So, feel free to ask any questions you may have or ask for clarification on what you may not understand.