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The most invincible pest you will come across are ants. You will spot one in your house and quickly kill it. Soon after you will spot another one, which makes you question your ant killing abilities. Some clients will then go scouring through the rubbish bin to find the dead ant carcass.

Our moist coastal environment are the Illawarra provide the ideal conditions for ants. They breed up in significant numbers during the summer months.

Ant Pest Control – are they all the same?

Most people think all ants are the same, however this is not true. Ants can be split into two separate categories: protein eaters or sugar eaters.

It is critically important to the success of any ant treatment that you discover which ones you have. If not, the treatment plan you put in place is likely to fail.

Our local pest control services techs are experts at working out which ones you have. As a plus, our ant treatment prices start from as little as $120. This price will vary though depending on what species you have, the size of property, and the treatment measure deployed.

To get a price on fixing your ant problems please get in touch with our call centre on 131 546. They will then put you in touch with your local tech who can provide a free quote.

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