Pest Control Wollongong


Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong are your local experts. Like all Jim’s businesses, the person who runs the business, owns the business. Jim’s simply support them by providing expert knowledge and training.

You can trust the Jim’s name and our local technicians, to help you with any pest problem.

Get in touch by simply calling 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Why people choose Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong?

Our local technicians are exposed the most up to date techniques while training with a senior tech. Technology is constantly changing and we can now achieve better results for our clients using less chemicals.

Pests are always evolving, and Jim’s Pest Control are constantly changing with them. It is how we are consistently delivering exceptional results for our clients.

We’re Affordable

Jim’s Termite & Pest Control are Australia wide and pool our resources to keep our prices down for you.

Happy Customers

We have many thousands of satisfied customers.

Treatment Options

You’ll get a explanation of what’s discovered and options that are available

Swift Response

We will get back to you ASAP – usually in under an hour.

Flexible Appointments

We can make an appointment that fits your schedule.

Licenced & Insured

You’re in reliable and trusted hands.

Dealing with any of these pests?
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Bed Bugs





Spider Control




Silverfish Control


What pests can we help you?



Termites can cause extensive damage in a short period of time, so they’re just not a risk worth taking.

In addition to professional termite inspections, we provide treatment, management and termite prevention solutions.

Pest Inspection

Pest Inspections

Between advanced technology and a keen eye for intruders, we’ll find any pest that shouldn’t be there.

Our services include general pest inspections and pre-purchase inspections, and all include a detailed and easy-to-understand report.

Domestic Pests

Pest Eradication

Pests can be anything from annoying, to unhygienic, to downright dangerous.

We have specialised solutions to remove or eradicate a huge range of pests, including creepy crawlies, flying insects, possums and rodents.

Jim’s Pest Control Wollongong – customer service

Customer service is how Jim’s has built a massive business. From his first day in business he delivered service above and beyond client expectations.

His business expanded quickly, and he knew he was onto something. He split his mowing rounds and placed the same customer service expectations on the new business owners.

These are the principles that have resulted in Jim’s being extraordinarily successful. Our local pest control business owners in Wollongong live and breathe these customer service principles.

It has resulted in Jim’s being the go-to pest control providers in Wollongong and the surrounding area.

Ring enquiries quickly

Arrive at client’s property on time

Ask the client what needs to be done and get them to show you

Do those extra little things

If there is an issue, go back and fix it

Best products deliver outstanding results

Our Wollongong clients are confident that their local tech only uses the best possible products. Using a cheaper product that many not eliminate the pests is not an option.

The local business owner knows that if treatment does not work then they will have to go back.

As Jim’s has pest control business across the country, we have great buying power. We can buy the best products at prices that are often less than cheap products.

It results in our techs using the best possible products that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Pest Control Wollongong

Jim’s Professional Pest Control

It is important when selecting a pest control provider in Wollongong, that you are confident in their services. It can be hard to work out who will be able to fix your pest problems.

By choosing a well-established brand like Jim’s, you know they have a proven track record of customer service.

A quick search of review platforms like Product Review will give you some great insight on customers experiences.

At Jim’s we survey every client we service to find out how they found our services. If there have been some issues with treatments, then we want to know and the opportunity to fix the problem.


When you contact us…

We’ll return your enquiry ASAP – normally within the hour

Make a suitable appointment time

Explain what’s discovered and options available

Provide you with a quote for the required work

Arrange a time for treatment /control (if not same day)