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Moving to a new house or unit can be a hassle, and there are lots of things you must organise. Real estate agents will demand that the place be cleaned and that a pest service be performed.

This pest service is almost always required even if you do not have pets. However, trying to get it organised can be a time-consuming exercise. Often you will have to enquire with several pest control companies to find one that can provide the service at a convenient time.

The easiest way is to just call Jim’s on 131 546, and our call centre staff will put you in touch with your local tech.

Jim’s are the local end of lease pest control experts

Jim’s have been providing end of lease pest services since 2011. In this time, we have treated hundreds of thousands of buildings.

We treat a wide range of building types, from small apartments to large mansions, and of course commercial premises. Essentially, no job is too big or too small.

Clients repeatedly use Jim’s as they know the job will be done hassle free. If we are given access to the property, clients do not even need to be present while the treatment is being conducted.

To simplify things even more, the treatment can be paid for on the spot as all our technicians have EFTPOS machines. Once payment is made, a receipt can be sent to you electronically.

This is handy because if you lose your receipt, we can easily email you another copy.

When should it be done?

End of lease pest control treatments need to be done after the final clean. If it is done before this, then the cleaners may remove the treatment. This will remove the chemical barrier and hence there will be nothing to stop pests.

The treatment should also be performed once the premises has been emptied of furniture and personal effects. Obviously if these are still present, we will not be able to treat all the floor areas.

In summary, end of lease treatments should be done once the property is empty and just before you hand the keys back.

What if your premises has fleas?

If you have pets, and fleas are present in the premises, an end of lease treatment will not suffice. In this case a more extensive, 2-times flea treatment will be required.

The floors may be required to be steam cleaned with a truck mounted unit. This is the only way to ensure that the fleas will be eradicated and not affect your bond.

For a price on this type of treatment please get in touch with our call centre. They will pass your details on to your local business owner and get them to call you and give you an obligation free quote.

end of lease pest control

What happens if you don’t get it done?

If you don’t carry out the required pest control treatments, it could be difficult to get your bond back, it may affect your chances of renting other properties in the future.


If you’re not sure of your pest control responsibilities, give us a call on 131 546 for assistance. It’s important to get it right the first time, as it will help save you money in the long run!

Your local Jim’s Pest Control franchisee can offer you a complete interior and exterior tailored service in accordance with your lease terms. We can work in with your moving time frame and be there when you need us.

Short moving out pest control FAQs

Who pays for pest control in a rental property?

You will pay for pest control in a rental property if you are leaving. This is called an end of lease treatment. However, if you move in you find pest within the first few weeks it is likely that the landlord will pay for this. The only time this may not occur is if you bring the pests in with you when you move in.

Is tenant or landlord responsible for pest control?

If you have just moved in, then it is likely that the landlord will be responsible for pest control if you discover a pest infestation. However, if several months have passed then the tenant will be responsible for pest control. Some landlords may choose to have a treatment done in good faith if you are a good tenant.

How long do fleas take to die after fumigation?

Fleas will typically die within hours of coming in contract with a treated surface after an end of lease pest control service. There may be eggs which have been laid in cracks and crevices which can hatch over several days. This is why it is not uncommon to see live fleas the week after a fumigation treatment has been carried out.

How much does it cost to spray your house for fleas?

As freshly laid flea eggs will take 7 to 14 days to hatch, it is required to perform 2 treatments if live fleas are found inside a home. It will cost from $260 to spray your house for fleas if you are having a two-time, end of lease treatment. The price will also vary depending on the size of the home.